By | July 3, 2020

1. Purchase hemp flowers with CBD from a secure supplier

A basic but important piece of advice is that all CBD products that we wish to buy, including hemp flowers, should be purchased from a reliable supplier who can provide us with comprehensive advice and resolve any doubts we may have regarding the quality of the product and the most appropriate ways to handle and consume it. It is important to ensure that the flowers we buy contain less than 0.2% THC and for this we can ask the trade the corresponding analysis to prove it.

2. Pay attention to the smell of CBD flowers

The best CBD flowers are characterized by a strong and penetrating smell, very similar to that of conventional, although generally a little less intense due to the absence of THC. This smell can be citrus, earthy, floral, woody, spicy or sweet, depending on the variety. The range of smells and flavours that a quality flower can have is almost infinite and depends on the different combinations of Terpenes and cannabinoids it contains. Be sure that the smell does not come from added artificial terpenes.

3. Bright, vivid colours in CBD flowers

Just as the smell of the flowers is important, the same can be applied to their color and brightness. A green color in its different tones and intensities will be a guarantee that we are acquiring a fresh product that was cultivated and harvested at the optimum moment of maturity. Sometimes we will find some striking combinations of green, purple or even orange tones. A dry, yellowish or brownish flower could indicate that the flowers are not of good quality.

4. The more trichomes the better

Trichomes are the small glands that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. They are almost microscopic, but in a quality CBD flower they can be seen with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass. The best flowers are covered with trichomes that give a special shine and above all cause the buds to be sticky due to the large amount of resin they contain.

In general, a bud with a high density of trichomes will always be a guarantee that the flowers were grown in the ideal conditions, notably favoring their flavor and their effects when consumed.

5. Dense, hard and crunchy buds

One of the things we must take into account if we want to acquire quality CBD buds, is their density and hardness. A good drying of the product guarantees hard buds to the touch and crunchy if we squeeze them and bring them close to our ears. If they are too dry, they will break when squeezed or even turn to dust.

If on the other hand they are a little damp, they will not crackle and there is also a risk of fungus appearing which could damage them. The most coveted flowers are those that come from hydroponic indoor cultivation and do not contain seeds or too many branches and leaves.

fWhere to buy the best buds with CBD?

Finding quality CBD hemp flowers with less than 0.2% THC is not easy. In Tienda CBD we are constantly looking for the best varieties, those that stand out for their presence and their organoleptic qualities. To do this we work with the best hemp producers in Spain and other European countries such as France, Italy, Portugal or Switzerland.

Our goal is to develop a wide catalogue of legal CBD with the best CBD strains from all over Europe so that you have the opportunity to buy them quickly, safely and discreetly in the online store No. 1 of CBD Products in Spain.

Once you have purchased the best CBD flowers following step by step all the advice we have prepared for you, it’s time to try them and enjoy their aroma and taste. If you have any questions related to our catalogue of hemp flowers, do not hesitate to contact us, our technical team will advise you without obligation.

If you want to learn more about CBD hemp flower, please visit their website for more info.

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