By | October 26, 2021

CBD. Most hemp users are informed about the properties of THC (responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp), but there are other main active compounds in hemp that are less well known.

What is CBD?

The compound to which we are referring and which we have to analyze and describe, is known as CBD, or cannabidiol. These active compounds from hemp (there are more than 110 different ones) also called cannabinoids, account for approximately 40% of hemp extraction and are responsible for the medicinal properties of hemp.

Their palliative effects are due to the fact that cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system every time we consume this substance. The intention of the following article is to resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard. From its composition, commercial situation, where it is sold, whether CBD puts, related products, to its medicinal effects and the medical studies that support them.

Medicinal Uses

If we have anything for hemp users to thank CBD for, it is the medicinal effects of this plant. Modern science has demonstrated on several occasions that the cannabinoids found in hemp have several medicinal and palliative properties against numerous disorders. The following list shows the main diseases treated with CBD.


It has been shown to reduce the occurrence of seizures as well as their intensity. Studies show that it reduces motor seizures by 36.5%, while the other 2% of participants stopped having seizures. Regarding side effects, it notes that 79% of patients who followed the treatment experienced drowsiness, fatigue, and even diarrhea. In any case, only 3% left the study because of these side effects.

This is just one example of the multiple studies conducted in this regard. For example, there are also studies looking at the effects of CBD on tuberous sclerosis patients with refractory seizures. This disease, although not epileptic, has the same neurological manifestations. Studies in this regard have indicated that CBD also reduces the seizures suffered by patients with the latter disease by 69%.


A disorder characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain of unknown origin, accompanied by feelings of fatigue and other symptoms (fatigue, sleepiness, memory loss). It is believed that the disease may be related to the way the brain processes pain signals, amplifying the sensations to points that are unbearable for the patient.

Currently there is no cure for the disease in question, only some treatments aim to reduce the discomfort. Studies analyzing the effects of CBD on patients with fibromyalgia, point out that consumers feel a considerable reduction in the sensation of pain and stiffness, greater relaxation, and increased well-being.

Multiple sclerosis or myelopathy

A disease that produces chronic, neurodegenerative, demyelinating lesions in the central nervous system and directly affects the flow of information between the brain and the rest of the body. The causes that cause it are unknown, although it is related to some autoimmune mechanisms involved. Also, the symptoms vary dramatically depending on the area of the central nervous system affected. The symptoms can be mental (depression, mood swings, anxiety) or physical (fatigue, spasms, pain and weakness).

As some studies have shown, all these symptoms mentioned above are relieved thanks to the use of hemp with high levels of CBD. The study looks at the effect of hemp use through different systems (smoked, orally ingested, oromucosal ). The results show that ingestion of THC and CBD reduces the symptoms caused by the disease in question, and most importantly, the consumption of Sativex is very rewarding for the patient.

What uses can I put CBD to?

Despite being a persecuted substance across the globe, studies are beginning to show that the consumption of CBD, i.e. hemp, can be beneficial in alleviating the effects of multiple disorders. In addition, legalization in many countries is favoring studies on the effects of medicinal hemp. All of these investigations at present are beginning to show how CBD and, hemp in general, can help a wide variety of patients or people with specific problems, both physical and mental. Some of the problems that hemp consumption can alleviate are: eating disorders, diabetes, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and others.

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