About Us

Dear reader, thank you for coming to our blog. In this website, we will host a collection of different technology reviews, tools and tips that we may come across in our lives regardings the tools and gadgets that are developed every day.

Why are we named Jobs In Vermilion? This is because we, the founders of this website and blog, all came from Vermilion, Canada. We currently live in America now, however, we do miss home from time to time. However, we noticed that in Vermilion, lots of Jobs are being eradicated by the technology that we use every day, and the rising improvements in technology and trend of tech adoption are making this faster. We don’t think this is a bad thing though, which is why we made our website seem like a website that is for catering to people out of jobs, but actually it is about tech adoption.

It is our belief that tech and gadgets can change the future and the way that we think about jobs and working roles in general. Why would someone get a few thousand dollars to do a job that can be easily automated by robots? It is our vision to encourage people who are also out of work to learn about gadgets and robotics and make sure that they are able to fend for yourself. Feed someone fish, and you make them happy for a day. Teach someone how to finish, you make them self sufficient for life.